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September 27, 2013

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LIVE Tax Seminar/Webinar @ The Sheraton Guildford

Postponed Until 2014

AN IMPORTANT SEMINAR FOR TAX PLANNERS with subjects including:  Trusts Tax Issues Including Impact of BC Family Law Act / Farm Rollovers and Principal Residence Exemption / Tax Aspects of Corporate Share Capital / Income Tax Issues Arising from Share Rights and Restrictions.  

4 -  1 ½ hour sessions 

  1. Trust Checklist and the Impact of the BC Family Law Act on Trusts
  2. The Principal Residence Exemption and Family Farm Rollovers
  3. Tax Planning and the impact of Corporate Share Capital
  4. Important Tax Impacts Arising out of Share Rights and Restrictions

A Detailed Outline will be posted shortly.  All matters covered will be in a checklist format and will cover important legal matters that can significantly impact a tax advisors tax planning for the Owner-Manager.  The issues covered can offer significant tax planning opportunities for your clients and will also identify tax problems that can be avoided by proactive financial advisors.

Recommended for public practice accountants, controllers of private companies, financial planners and lawyers who implement tax planned reorganizations.

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